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New Quadtrac CVX

Tags:  •  Posted 12 March 2019

New Quadtrac CVX


The Case IH name is synonymous with high-output equipment and the development of continuously-variable transmissions (CVT) for mid-power tractors over the last 17 years. Now, the company is bringing this technology to the top end of the tractor market, allowing owners and operators to benefit from improved fuel efficiency, greater productivity and easier, more efficient operation.

Complementing the five existing Quadtrac powershift models in the line-up, the three new Quadtrac CVX tractors are equipped with CVXDrive transmissions, which have, until now, never been available in an articulated tracked tractor. This offers the advantages of stepless travel from standstill up to 40 km/h and can be set to work at a desired forward speed or engine speed, the tractor’s Automatic Productivity Management software automatically adjusting the engine and transmission accordingly.


Producing up to 613hp, the Quadtrac 540 CVX is the world’s most powerful tractor with a CVT transmission, and is joined by the Quadtrac 500 CVX and Quadtrac 470 CVX models, which produce maximum power outputs of 558hp and 525hp respectively.


Case IH Quadtrac CVX tractors are powered by electronically-controlled 12.9-litre Cursor 13 six-cylinder engines from sister company FPT Industrial, a single-stage turbocharger being used on the two smaller tractors and a two-stage turbocharger in the 540 CVX. On this tractor, the smaller turbocharger delivers low-rpm responsiveness, while the second, larger unit provides maximum boost at high rpm. Each turbocharger has its own cooling system to provide 30 per cent faster response under load.


The engines meet Stage IV emissions legislation using the Case IH Hi-eSCR system, which also optimises fuel efficiency. On the largest Quadtrac 540 CVX, rated power (according to ECE R120 2) is 543hp, while Engine Power Management, introduced under load, takes this to 598hp, both measured at 2,100rpm rated engine speed. Maximum power of 613hp is achieved at 1,900rpm, and maximum torque of 2,607Nm at 1,400rpm. The tractor has a diesel tank capacity of 1,230 litres and a DEF (AdBlue) tank that holds 322 litres.

Providing stepless travel from 0-40km/h, and 0-18km/h in reverse, CVX allows the storing of three adjustable target speeds from 0km/h to 40km/h, adjustable via the thumb-wheel and buttons on the Multicontroller. The transmission incorporates a kick-down feature which ensures maximum acceleration, with 40km/h being achieved at just 1,640rpm. The transmission features four mechanical ranges, for maximum efficiency and operator comfort, with automated range-changing, and the first time 100% mechanical power transfer takes place is below 10 km/h, matching heavy draft application requirements. Four multi-plate wet clutch packs, mounted on the four planetary gear sets, change the ranges without power interruption, with equal clutch speeds guaranteeing smooth shifting without clutch wear.


Quadtrac CVX models are fitted with a drive pedal, which, in automatic mode, acts as a true drive pedal, controlling the tractor’s ground speed. Maximum ground speed can be adjusted with the thumbwheel and speed range buttons on the armrest-mounted Multicontroller. In manual mode, the foot pedal acts as a conventional foot throttle.


The tractor can be stopped temporarily using only the brake, before returning to its previous speed once the pedal is released. Fast reduction of forward speed is possible by drawing back on the Multicontroller. Three different response levels for acceleration, deceleration and power shuttle modulation can be set using the Multicontroller armrest.


Key features include Automatic Productivity Management (APM), which ensures the most efficient operation of the machine, whether the target is minimum fuel use or maximum output.  They also include a variable displacement pump providing up to 216 litres/min of oil flow, (428 litres/min option) and changes to the well-known Surveyor cab that result from the introduction of the CVXDrive transmission. These include a slightly-revised Multicontroller armrest and Multicontroller joystick which make it simple to operate the CVX transmission.